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Patent Attorney Activities

We provide you with support in matters involving industrial property rights.

In particular as relates to
– Patents and utility models, for protecting a technical solution to a technical problem,
– Trademarks, for protecting a label for goods and/or services, and
– Registered designs (designs), for protecting an aesthetic appearance of a product,
we advise you with our expertise and our experience, and initiate all steps necessary for protecting your rights in Austria and abroad.

Working closely together with you, we generate the application documents for the mentioned property rights, file all necessary requests and coordinate the proceedings before the relevant offices until your property rights are granted. We also make sure that office fees are paid, and also monitor and remind you about all deadlines. After the property right has been granted, we monitor all deadlines for upholding your property rights, remind you about fee payments and also handle the fee payments.

We offer professional searches, so that we can determine whether your development is known from prior art or rights of third parties must be considered.

In the event your protective right is infringed, but also if you are alleged to have infringed upon a foreign property right, we will represent your interests in cooperation with a network of colleagues in Austria and abroad which has proven itself for decades.

In addition, we will represent you in opposition, nullity and appeal procedures before the Austrian Patent Office, European Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Finally, we will also assist you in drawing up license agreements, as well as in matters relating to employee inventor’s compensation.